CoPower | Impact
Total carbon avoided
to date
12,019,164 kgs
of CO2e
That's like
planting and growing
198,739 tree seedlings
for 10 years
Or leaving
5,960,050 kgs
of coal

in the ground
Chad Joshi is getting his portfolio on the right side of the low carbon transition
"Investing with CoPower is a way for me to contribute to Canada's small-scale clean energy and energy efficiency industry. It's something I was keen to support because Canada needs to do everything it can to mitigate climate change."
Joanna Jack is investing to push back against oil and gas development in the Arctic
"It wouldn’t feel right to speak out vocally against oil and gas development in the Arctic, and then turn around and invest in those same activities in the north or elsewhere. My savings may be small, but what they enable matters to me."
Our Approach to Impact
GHG Reductions
We make project investments
that cut emissions and support
action aligned with climate science.
Systems Change
Our investments seek to lay the
groundwork for the decarbonized
energy system of the future.
We're opening access to clean
energy investments to Canadian
investors of all sizes.
Green Bonds are sold out.
CoPower's 6-year Green Bonds offer 5% annually and are backed by loans to over 1100 clean energy and energy efficiency projects across Canada.
RRSP & TFSA eligible | Invest online
CoPower is a registered IRIS user.
IRIS is the catalogue of generally accepted performance metrics used by a majority of impact investors worldwide and maintained by the Global Impact Investing Network.