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CoPower Green Bonds


When you invest in CoPower Green Bonds you’re investing in a diversified portfolio of loans to Canadian clean energy projects. The projects generate steady revenues or savings from the sale of renewable energy or efficiency services, allowing you to earn competitive fixed returns while supporting the solutions to climate change.

We are currently closed for new investment

Thank you to our clients who invested in our most recent issuance and our apologies to those who we couldn’t accommodate. If you have any questions or require support, please email us at investors@copower.me.


During this period of uncertainty, we’re committed to remaining a supportive partner in the clean energy transition for investors and borrowers alike. We would like to reassure bondholders that CoPower Green Bonds are a private investment with fixed rates that do not fluctuate with volatility in the public markets and the probability of disruption to the clean energy project loans in our portfolio due to COVID-19 is low.

For information on how CoPower and VCIB are responding to COVID-19 and what you can expect from us in the coming months, please click here.

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