Put the planet
in your portfolio.

CoPower Green Bonds build the clean energy future while offering competitive returns.

The next phase for CoPower

As we work to fully transition our clean energy lending business to VCIB, we will be winding down our Green Bond model and redeeming outstanding Green Bonds.

Proud to be part of Canada’s first values-driven bank.

CoPower is now a subsidiary of VCIB, the only Canadian bank exclusively focused on partnerships with organizations that drive social, economic and environmental change.

"This is an investment strategy breakthrough. No less."

Tom Rand, CoPower Catalyst Fund Investor

"I invested with CoPower because I wanted my money to do more than earn interest. Showing investors that financial returns and positive environmental impacts can go hand-in-hand is powerful."

Joanna Kipp, CoPower Green Bond II Investor

"Bonds tend to be predictable and boring, but CoPower’s green bonds are exciting in that my investment is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by supporting real clean energy and energy efficiency projects while also paying me a predictable rate of return."

Eric St. Pierre, CoPower Green Bond II Investor

"Love what CoPower is doing. My partner and I divested from fossil fuels, nuclear energy and big pharma, and we needed a green place to go."

Bryan Young, CoPower Green Bond II Investor

"We spent years with the big banks and traditional investing platforms looking for opportunities to divest from fossil fuels. Finally we found CoPower, which has a positive environmental impact by supporting clean energy projects that cut carbon pollution, while earning a solid return on our investment."

Jackie DaSilva & Patrick DeRochie, CoPower Green Bond II Investors

"CoPower’s careful due diligence, responsive management team and strong support for investors looking for good opportunities, gives me the confidence that my investment will generate both value and impact!"

Abigail Slater, CoPower Catalyst Fund Investor

"For years, I've been searching for an investment product that would allow me to contribute directly to renewable energy and help hasten the green energy revolution. CoPower makes this very easy to do, and offers a decent return to boot."

Sasha Mandy, CoPower Green Bond II Investor

"In our own lives we’ve found plenty of ways to walk the talk, but until now our investment portfolio was not one of them. It’s great to finally find an accessible, climate-friendly investment and especially one that lets us support clean energy projects close to home."

Christine and Dave VanDerWill, CoPower Green Bond II Investor

"I literally kept my money in savings and chequing accounts for years, in the hopes that a retail investment product would surface that was both profitable and impactful. CoPower filled the void with a unique offering that, until now, had not been accessible to an individual investor like me."

Sumeet Tandon, CoPower Green Bond II Investor

"Your money is your vote, and when I started investing I knew I wanted to cast mine for causes I believe in: not financial institutions or fossil fuels. With CoPower's ingenious model, I've been able to bridge both financial and environmental responsibility, something traditional investments couldn't offer."

Charmaine Leung, CoPower Green Bond II Investor


  • "Vancity Community Investment Bank buys CoPower, eyes expansion of its green finance model"

  • "CoPower lets [Canadians] with just $5,000 help support green bonds that fund simple efficiency updates. Want to do that in the U.S.? You need to be a millionaire."

  • "Investing directly in green energy projects just became a whole lot easier for Canadians looking to shift their savings away from fossil fuels."