Frequently Asked Questions

We help you make investments that matter. Here are the details.

How does CoPower work?

CoPower helps individuals invest in products backed by clean energy projects, such as solar energy and efficiency installations, that produce clean electricity for their communities.

We help you pool your money with others to access investment opportunities in these types of projects through CoPower Funds and Bonds.

You can browse our site to learn about the types of products we offer and some of the projects we’ve invested in including the location, projected returns, term and other characteristics.

You can monitor impact and repayments via CoPower’s platform.

Note that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results - all investors should Read the Offering Memorandum before investing.

What types of investments does CoPower offer?

Investments in clean energy project finance.

Projects can include solar systems that generate power or energy efficiency retrofits in buildings. These projects all produce a steady and predictable cash return.

CoPower focuses on making loans (debt investments) to these projects.

Please be sure to have read our legal disclaimer.

Who can invest?

CoPower's initial projects were financed by private investors from across Canada.

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Please be sure to have read our legal disclaimer.

What am I investing in?

CoPower offers various investment products to qualified investors. These products in turn hold investments or loans to clean energy projects.

Each such project will have been vetted by our team and detailed documentation concerning the project will form part of the offering documents provided to prospective investors.

Please be sure to have read our legal disclaimer.

Is the investment secure?

While no investment is guaranteed, investing with CoPower means you are making a loan to a physical asset (a clean energy project) in Canada, that produces a predictable revenue stream.

CoPower puts certain guarantees and risk mitigation procedures into place to protect the investment, as described in each project's documentation.

Please be sure to have read our legal disclaimer.

Why use CoPower?

Clean energy is a great investment, but it can be hard to participate.

CoPower makes it easier by allowing investors to pool their funds to access opportunities. This allows investors to see more deals, and make investments at a modest price point.

CoPower's team also has the expertise and experience needed to evaluate projects and identify risks.

I am a project developer, can I get financing for my project?

At this time CoPower is offering debt financing to solar energy projects and energy efficiency projects across North America. Our investments follow a standard process:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement and initial screening to help us better understand your project and your company.
  • Issuance of a preliminary and non-binding term sheet.
  • Issuance of term sheet and payment of application fee.
  • Detailed technical, financial and legal due diligence investigation.
  • Definitive agreements and funding issued.
  • Monitoring of project performance and debt servicing on monthly/quarterly basis.

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If you think your project would qualify for investment from us, please get in touch!.

How do solar energy investments work?

Solar energy systems are installed by experienced developers and contractors. They can be situated on rooftops, or mounted on the ground. The sunlight hitting the panels generates power that is sold.

In Ontario, the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) buys this solar power under a contract that guarantees a fixed payment for 20 years.

CoPower investors who participated in the loan are paid back with interest, and the remaining profit goes to the project owner.

How do energy efficiency investments work?

Energy efficiency retrofits, like more efficient heating and cooling systems or more efficient lighting systems, provide predictable cost savings for buildings.

CoPower loans money to the project developer to purchase energy efficiency equipment. That equipment is then installed in a building, at no cost to the building owner.

The energy efficiency equipment generates savings that are used to repay CoPower and other investors, with interest.

Insurance companies will often guarantee the energy savings performance of the equipment.

How do you safeguard my personal and financial information?

The green lock in your browser’s address bar shows that CoPower’s website is secured with TLS 1.2 – the most modern transmission security scheme available. Data is stored during processing in a secure, encrypted database. Completed personal information forms and investment documents are stored in Adobe Document Cloud, under bank grade (PCI compliant) encryption and data integrity policies.

CoPower documents and data are stored on best-in-class cloud computing services, such as Amazon Web Services and Adobe Document Cloud, never on local PCs. These top-tier cloud services are in highly-secure sites, and are continually upgraded and monitored, so are inherently more secure and reliable than a local computer monitored by one company. We carefully review the security policies of every service we use, and only select services with the best security features.

Our platform has been developed with numerous safeguards to prevent leakage of data. These include IP address-based session hijacking prevention, just-in-time decryption and many other safeguards.

How do you keep financial transactions secure?

The CoPower website does not perform any financial transactions. Authorization for transactions is obtained when you e-sign legal documents using the CoPower platform and Adobe Document Cloud. These authorization documents are used by CoPower and our bank (our shareholder, Royal Bank of Canada) to perform financial transactions off-line from our website. We only accept payments in the following forms:

  • Cheques and wires originated by the investor
  • Pre-authorized payments originated by us with the investor’s express permission

For us to originate a pre-authorized debit, we are required to comply with the stringent security policies of both RBC and Payments Canada.

For more information about the security of pre-authorized payments, please see Payment Canada's website here.

I have other questions, how do I reach you?

Check out our contact page. We'll usually respond within 48 hours.