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    Energy Projects

  • Geothermal
    Heating & Cooling

  • Energy Efficiency

  • LED Lighting

Why we finance

Clean energy developers and energy efficiency companies work hard to make the low carbon transition a reality. However, it’s not always easy to access the financing needed to get small to mid-sized projects off the ground.

CoPower’s mission is to help catalyze more clean energy and energy efficiency projects across North America by providing simple, streamlined financing solutions that meet the needs of our project partners.

What we finance

CoPower finances projects where the return and environmental impact of the project meets our expectations, and risks can be understood, managed and contained. We use investment processes and risk mitigation tools, standard in large infrastructure deals, such as warranties, rights-of-way and insurance contracts.

Our project partners include qualified developers, EPCs, installers and service providers and building owners who are using proven technologies to reduce carbon emissions in buildings and communities.

CoPower makes project finance available for multiple types of clean energy generation and energy efficiency projects, including but not limited to:

  • Solar PV
  • Energy efficiency (e.g. LED retrofits)
  • Geo-thermal and Geo-exchange
  • Energy storage
  • Bio-energy (e.g. biomass, digesters)
  • Microgrids
  • Small wind
  • Run-of-river hydro
  • Condo LED Retrofits

  • Windsor Rooftop Solar

  • Minnesota Community Solar

Streamlined Financing Solutions

Through simple, flexible financing instruments we are able to go from term sheet to financial close in as short as five weeks to get your projects moving forward.

Our loans typically range in size from $500,000 to over $20,000,000 and include construction, warehouse/bridge, long-term/take-out, refinancing, and equity partnerships.

We look for opportunities to make project finance loans where there is:

  • Solid counterparty risk
  • Proven technology
  • Experienced management team
  • Positive environmental and social impact

What you can expect

Our loans follow a standard process:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement and initial screening to help us better understand your project and your company.
  • Issuance of a preliminary and non-binding term sheet
  • Issuance of term sheet and payment of application fee
  • Detailed technical, financial and legal due diligence investigation.
  • Definitive agreements and funding issued.
  • Monitoring of project performance and debt servicing on monthly/quarterly basis