Easy, profitable clean energy investing for investors of all sizes.

Add Green Bonds to your portfolio with just a few clicks.

Secured by real assets

Our Green Bonds are backed by operational clean energy projects that earn steady returns from energy savings or the sale of clean energy.

Expertly Managed

Each project loan backing the Green Bonds is vetted and structured by our team of experts following a rigorous due diligence process.

Competitive Returns

Earn up to 5% annually by investing in markets under-served by mainstream finance and earn steady income with quarterly payments.

Online Monitoring

Your personalized investor dashboard makes it easy to track financial performance and environmental impact.


Private, fixed rate bonds help offset your exposure to market volatility and improve diversification in your portfolio.

Carbon Reductions

Your investment helps finance more clean energy and energy efficiency projects that measurably reduce harmful emissions.

What you'll be investing in

Despite the availability of proven clean energy technologies, high up-front costs prevent many small to mid-size projects from being built.

As well, traditional infrastructure lenders haven't adjusted to the opportunity presented by distributed clean energy leaving a financing gap that is slowing our transition to a low carbon future.

That's where we focus. We partner with energy efficiency and clean energy firms to finance projects that reduce carbon emissions while generating strong returns.

We do the heavy lifting so you can feel confident that your money is being invested for profit and planet.
Our team of experts performs rigorous due diligence and registers security over the project and its assets (similar to a bank registering a mortgage on your house).

We finance projects with:

  • Solid counterparties
  • Proven technologies
  • Experienced management team
  • Positive social and environmental impact

How It Works

CoPower's online platform will help you seamlessly complete the investment process.

1. Get Started

We'll ask for some basic info like your name and email, and if you're an accredited, eligible or general public investor. (Don't worry: we'll explain any unfamiliar terms for you during the process)

2. Fill Out the Investor Application

To comply with securities laws, we ask some basic information about your financial circumstances and the types of investments that fit your risk profile. We also verify your identity.

3. Review the Green Bond

Applicants approved by CoPower's compliance team (usually within 1-2 business days) can view documents for CoPower’s Green Bond online, or download them for later.

4. Invest

Sign a subscription agreement and payment form via your personal dashboard. We’ll process your subscription online using RBC’s secure payment platform.

5. Monitor

Log into your personal dashboard to stay up to date on your financial performance and impact metrics. Repayments will be deposited into your bank account every quarter.