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CoPower 5-Year Green Bond

Series M - 4% annual interest, fixed quarterly payments

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Interest Rate



5 Years


Cower Green Bond IV enables individuals across Canada to invest in a diversified portfolio of loans to clean energy projects. This is our fourth offering of CoPower Green Bonds and our first as a wholly owned subsidiary of VCIB.




Who can invest in CoPower Green Bonds?

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Can I sell my Green Bonds?

Returns Calculator

$1000 per bond. Minimum investment is 5 bonds ($5,000).


Principal Repayment:

Interest Income:

Total Repayment:

Target Distribution Schedule

QuarterlyPrincipal Before DistributionPaymentInterest EarnedPrincipal RepaymentPrincipal Outstanding

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This table contains forward looking projections intended for informational purposes. There can be no assurance that distributions of principal or interest will be made in a timely matter or at all. Please review the Offering Memorandum for risks relating to this investment.