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Please note that many of the answers provided below are summarized or simplified for the benefit of prospective investors. Before investing in CoPower Green Bonds, all investors should review CoPower's Green Bond Offering Memorandum (issued January 31, 2020.) which provides all material facts relating to the offering of CoPower Green Bonds.

Updated March 15, 2021.

Impact and responsible investing

What is impact investing?

What is the difference between responsible investing and impact investing?

What is a green bond?

Investing with CoPower

Who is CoPower?

Who is Vancity Community Investment Bank

How does CoPower work?

What are the benefits of investing through CoPower?

What types of investments does CoPower offer?

Who can invest?

How does CoPower make money?

How do you track the impact of investments?

How do you process financial transactions securely?

Investing in CoPower Green Bonds

Who can invest in CoPower Green Bonds?

Is there a minimum investment?

Is there a maximum investment?

What do the terms accredited, eligible and public investor mean?

How and when will I see my returns on my Green Bond investment?

Is an investment in CoPower Green Bonds secure?

Are CoPower Green Bonds rated?

How does CoPower make loans to the projects backing the Green Bond portfolio?

Can I invest in a specific clean energy project of my choosing?

Is refinancing impactful?

Are there any fees associated with investing in CoPower Green Bonds?

Can I invest through an RRSP or TFSA?

Can I invest via my own financial institution, advisor or brokerage?

I’m an investment advisor. Can I buy CoPower Green Bonds or other investments on a client’s behalf?

Can I sell my Green Bonds?