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Updated October 4, 2021

CoPower Green Bond Redemptions

What does my redemption payment include?

Where have my funds been deposited?

How will I receive my tax statements?

What will happen to outstanding bonds and loans in the green bond portfolio?

If clean energy projects are still being financed through VCIB, why isn’t it possible to continue the CoPower Green Bond model?

Where can I find other impact investment opportunities?

Impact and responsible investing

Investing with CoPower

Who is CoPower?

Who is Vancity Community Investment Bank

How does CoPower work?

What are the benefits of investing through CoPower?

What types of investments does CoPower offer?

Who can invest?

How does CoPower make money?

How do you track the impact of investments?

How do you process financial transactions securely?

Investing in CoPower Green Bonds