Give a CoPower Green Bond

When you gift a CoPower Green Bond, you’re not only investing in their financial future, but in the world they’ll inherit.

About Green Bonds: Your gift of a 5-year, 5% CoPower Green Bond will support the development of solar, geothermal and energy efficiency projects that fight climate change while earning 5% annually. Our Green Bonds are backed by clean energy projects across North America that reduce carbon emissions and pay steady returns.

Until December 31st, we're lowering our investment minimum from $5000 to $1000. Just in time for the holidays, your loved ones can earn 5% on a 5-year bond while helping to build clean energy projects across Canada.

With every investment made, we’ll send you a bond certificate that you can use to teach your loved ones not only about the value of money, but about your values and hopes for their future.

CoPower Green Bonds in 90 seconds:

  • "CoPower lets [Canadians] with just $5,000 help support green bonds that fund simple efficiency updates. Want to do that in the U.S.? You need to be a millionaire."

  • "A serious investment with competitive returns in addition to green bragging rights.”

  • "Investing directly in green energy projects just became a whole lot easier for Canadians looking to shift their savings away from fossil fuels."