Secured by real assets

Our Green Bonds are backed by green infrastructure projects that generate revenues or savings to support fixed loan repayments.

Expertly Managed

Each project loan backing the Green Bonds is vetted and structured by our team of experts following a rigorous due diligence process.

Competitive Returns

Our Green Bonds allow you to earn competitive returns by investing in markets under-served by mainstream finance.

Impact Reporting

In addition to financial reports, we report quarterly on the positive impact your bonds are having.


Private, fixed rate bonds help offset your exposure to market volatility and improve diversification in your portfolio.

Carbon Reductions

Your investment helps finance green infrastructure projects that reduce harmful emissions.

What We've Financed

Below are three examples of what we've financed to date, to see the complete list of projects, click here.

  • Condo LED Retrofits

  • Ontario Solar

  • Residential Geothermal